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Top-to-bottom design, from tweaking the floor plans and creating the architectural elevation to selecting the bath tile,  and furnishing of a new construction home meant to feel like the grand homes of yesteryear.


For a dream project like this, the design effort required collaboration not only with the clients but also with the builder and architect – our design conversations began even before the lot was razed and resulted in a cohesive aesthetic vision for the entire space. With this framing template in mind at all times, all design decisions had a universal baseline off of which to work.

We started interior and exterior elevations, massaging existing plans to bring them in line with the clients’ vision and to add crucial detail. We then worked with both the architect and the builder to help bring the vision to life though every step of the construction process. At the same time, we began procuring and fabricating pieces to fill the space and fulfill the home. No detail was too small, from designing (and engineering) the trim on the coved living room ceiling to designing the trim on the chaise in the master bedroom. Ultimately, we addressed every inch of the space to ensure that it would live up to the standard and design quality that was the clear bar for this very special home.