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This residence is home to a family of five who use their house like few clients I’ve known; the children are home-schooled and the parents do a great deal of innovative cooking.

The first floor of this space had been renovated previously and had an open plan with a bathroom and pantry as the sole build-outs. The space had no form and no defined function. On the second floor, the clients needed a new tub and more storage. Overall, the entire space needed both vision and cohesion.


The epicenter of this house was the first floor: we started there. We sectioned off the kitchen and the entry in order to turn the large, awkward “C” shaped space into three defined rooms, though we took care to keep the openings between each space large enough to allow light to run throughout. We replaced all the cabinets in the kitchen, adjusted the layout, created a hidden pantry to accommodate all of the clients’ special cooking equipment, and added a window above the sink. We also created an entrance foyer, with a wall-to-wall storage bench for what seemed like an infinite number of shoes and boots.

In the second floor bathroom, we replaced the built-in tub with a pedestal soaking tub and also replaced the floor tile and vanity to upgrade both the look and the storage capacity. At the top of the second floor stairwell, we created a full-height built-in closet and a comfortable window “reading nook,” playing up the landing’s window.

In addition to these more structural solutions, new colors, furniture, window treatments, and lighting were used to truly re-imagine the space.

“Our house had an awkward layout, a poorly functioning kitchen, and very little closet and storage space. Paul completely redesigned the layout of the first floor, greatly enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the space. He re-thought and rebuilt our kitchen to our (very demanding) specifications. He worked hard to save us money while simultaneously advising us on how to purchase furniture that could withstand the wear and tear of family life.”

Dana D.
Chicago, IL