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There were three spaces that needed attention in this townhouse: the kitchen, the living room and an atrium—a “donut hole” exterior space running through the middle of the house. The kitchen cabinets were in disrepair and the appliances needed to be replaced, the living room was a large space that needed definition and the atrium, though full of potential, was going unused.


We worked to develop a kitchen design and layout that would transform this area into a workspace and showpiece fit for the gourmand client.

We gave the living room form, softness and a measure of privacy by installing floor-to-ceiling sheer drapery over an entire windowed wall. We also incorporated the client’s upright piano into the design of the room by covering the wall behind it with panels  of upholstery, wood and wallpaper that reached up to the exact height of the piano.

The atrium allowed for the biggest transformation. Originally, the space featured four potted plants and a Koi pond that rendered it functionless. By eliminating the pond, we were able to add a deck, a built-in bench, flower boxes, ten feet of tile “wallpaper,” an exterior grade floor lamp, and a few sitting pieces that completely reclaimed the space. To play off of the great height of the space and capitalize on the fact that the atrium walls are visible via interior windows throughout the home, we designed a custom installation of butterflies ascending the wall.

“Paul has helped us with a wide range of projects: redesigning a bath and kitchen, building custom cabinetry, designing interior and external spaces, making custom furniture, sourcing a custom fountain, and re-imagining spaces. He’s also a great source of design ideas, vendors and subcontractors.”

Valeria C.
Chicago, IL