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This project was primarily about updating and optimizing the existing space. In the living/dining room, the primary challenge was to decorate and create a finished look and to better utilize the clients’ fireplace. In the kitchen/family room, in addition to some cosmetic upgrades, the clients wanted a better seating/eating area and a bookcase that could house their TV.


In the living/dining area, we transformed the space with very little construction by replacing the stair-rail, paneling the large stair wall, and building out a new fireplace.  By adding a new chandelier and dining chairs, as well a few new furnishings, window treatments and a fresh coat of paint, we completed and elevated the room.


In the kitchen, we designed and created a large bookcase for the TV wall and a banquette for the kitchen table in order to make the space more usable. We also gave the kitchen a bit of a face lift: new countertop, new backsplash, painted cabinets, and a new microwave over the stove with a modern custom hood.  We also installed a new microwave drawer in the island.