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These clients wanted to add life and purpose to a nondescript and underutilized living room. They also wanted to find a way to showcase their vintage collectables.


To minimize cost, we replaced only a few furniture pieces and revitalized other pieces with new paint. We also mounted a paneled antique mirror with a pair of attached sconces to give the room some interest and form without having to do any construction. To display the client’s antiques, we built museum style cantilevered shelves.

“Paul is great to work with. My wife and I have overlapping but different aesthetics. Paul really listened to both of us and was able to find solutions that we both liked and his attention to that and his diligence in finding good options was terrific. We were both impressed by how many good choices we had from Paul that excited both of us, and he was patient when we needed time to come to a conclusion. We couldn’t be happier with the results and think that the floor of our house that Paul worked on is by far the nicest and most comfortable. In addition, Paul was very easy to work with. He was always responsive (and continues to be), performed the work on or ahead of schedule, charged what he said he would with no surprises, and immediately fixed problems as they arose. Even now when we have an occasional issue with something he did (e.g. a sconce broke recently), Paul shows up, figures out what happened, and gets it fixed. He also has been generous in getting us connected to his sub-contractors when we need something done and not trying to always be in the middle, which to me is a signal of his integrity.”