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This space had been home to a number of short-lived restaurants over the years and the interior reflected this legacy—it was marred by a number of unsuccessful and inconsistent design choices.


Because the budget was very tight, the only things we could afford to demolish and rebuild were the bathrooms, which were able to remodel in a way befitting the new restaurant’s elevated aesthetic.

The rest of the transformation involved adding elements to the existing space. By creating and installing six feet of wood paneling on one wall and around the interior columns, we were able not only to hide various unattractive electrical elements but also to add a “wall washing” effect by having the light emanate from behind the paneling. We also used the wood paneling to give the previously one-note walls some much needed texture.

By creating a raised “lounge area” by the front door, as well as special fireplace seating and raised banquettes, we gave the space some variation and made the flow more interesting.

A “faux grass” ceiling, upholstery-paneled walls and sheer drapes gave the space some aesthetic interest and softened the awkwardness of the lay out.

Finally, we created and custom light fixtures, designed with the restaurant’s farm-to-table theme in mind.

“From our first meeting, Paul was an asset. He was able to understand both what we were trying to do and what we could afford, as well as the challenges presented by the space itself. His ideas and solutions transformed the space in a dramatic fashion and he stayed on budget. Almost every review of the restaurant mentions the warm, hospitable, creative environment that Paul created. And we know that his designs alone have brought in essential neighborhood foot traffic.”

Andrew K.
Chicago, IL